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Multi-threading Maven builds with PowerShell Jobs and a .NET Queue

I was recently given a copy of the script used on our Jenkins server to deploy our Java code base.  My boss wanted to get it working so devs could have a script to compile code on their local sandboxes, … Continue reading

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File Organizer: My first C# project

So I’ve finished up my first real C# WinForm project. It takes two paths, From and To, then either moves or copies all files from one to the other while organizing all the files into the new path by year … Continue reading

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Get a SQL Inventory of Active Directory with PowerShell

Here is the newly improved version of my Powershell script to inventory Active Directory script. Rather than use SQLPS, I instead create .NET objects within the Data.SqlClient namespace. I also prettied it up a bit with progress bar using Write-Progress. … Continue reading

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When a PowerShell module becomes a crutch

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve a big fan of SQLPS.  However, as this inventory system I’ve built has slowly started to become used by more people than myself, it has become more important that I ensure the data is always available.  … Continue reading

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PowerShell Invoke-RestMethod to talk to the Rackspace Webmil API

Working with JSON in PowerShell took some getting used to, but now that I’ve got the hang of it, the power that it opens up is amazing. I was recently tasked with “go figure out the RackSpace API“. I love … Continue reading

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Using OpenFileDialog in PowerShell

How many scripts have you had to had a line in that declares a file path? How many times has that path changed? Some scripters like to use a host prompt to ask for the variable, or they declare it … Continue reading

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