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Reading and Writing from Excel with PowerShell

My company is in the middle of being bought out, so my manager was asked to supply a report of everyone’s email addresses so they could be created on the exchange server in our new company. No problem, only my … Continue reading

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Get a SQL Inventory of Active Directory with PowerShell

Here is the newly improved version of my Powershell script to inventory Active Directory script. Rather than use SQLPS, I instead create .NET objects within the Data.SqlClient namespace. I also prettied it up a bit with progress bar using Write-Progress. … Continue reading

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When a PowerShell module becomes a crutch

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve a big fan of SQLPS.  However, as this inventory system I’ve built has slowly started to become used by more people than myself, it has become more important that I ensure the data is always available.  … Continue reading

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Making PUT calls to the RackSpace API

In my inventory database I use the Employee ID from HR as my unique identifier across systems. I’ve already populated Active Directory’s Employee ID fields and have a SQL inventory of that, so to populate RackSpace I just linked up … Continue reading

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Complete RackSpace Webmail Inventory

This in the final code for the PowerShell script I wrote to inventory all aspects of the Rackspace REST API, parse the JSON response, and upload the results into SQL. An update to my initial work here. #======================================================================== # Created … Continue reading

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Inventory Outlook

UPDATE: This script has been updated here… As I mentioned before, we’re running a hosted version of Exchange 2007 here (please see the date of publishing for how ridiculous this is) and have nothing to manage Exchange except a web … Continue reading

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Inventory AD Computers

Again, to use Active Directory data as for cross reference with other systems, I grab all the computer accounts and put them into SQL. Granted, the INSERT is based on my own tables schema, but I think you can get … Continue reading

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