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Jenkins on Windows (and more to come)

I recently took over ownership of the Jenkins server that manages the DevInt and Alpha environments at work and had a blast working a hectic server migration. On top of everything moving around, the environments went from having one server … Continue reading

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Getting fancy with Write-Progress

Recently I watched a great CBT Nugget by Don Jones (seriously the best trainer/writer out there for PoSH) called Powershell Toolmaking and Scripting.  A lot of it was review, but I did pick up a few nuggets along the way that … Continue reading

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When a PowerShell module becomes a crutch

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve a big fan of SQLPS.  However, as this inventory system I’ve built has slowly started to become used by more people than myself, it has become more important that I ensure the data is always available.  … Continue reading

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