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I’ve slowly been building up a personal module at work that I use in my Jenkins workflows.  One function that I wrote a while ago but didn’t get around to using until yesterday was Invoke-Maven. <# .SYNOPSIS Executes Maven. .DESCRIPTION … Continue reading

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Creating a PowerShell [hashtable] from a Jenkins text parameter

In Jenkins parameters are funky. In fact, the checkbox for “This build is parameterized” is pretty much a lie from a PowerShell standpoint. What is should say is “This build has environment variables created for it” because that is what … Continue reading

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Jenkins on Windows (and more to come)

I recently took over ownership of the Jenkins server that manages the DevInt and Alpha environments at work and had a blast working a hectic server migration. On top of everything moving around, the environments went from having one server … Continue reading

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Converting audio files en masse

We recently got a new (used) family van that has a 40 gig hard drive in the dash to store MP3 files. Problem is, a lot of my audio files were stored as M4A, which the van doesn’t have a … Continue reading

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Multi-threading Maven builds with PowerShell Jobs and a .NET Queue

I was recently given a copy of the script used on our Jenkins server to deploy our Java code base.  My boss wanted to get it working so devs could have a script to compile code on their local sandboxes, … Continue reading

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Modifying Chocolatey and Boxstarter packages for internal use

Reference Note:  I wrote this assuming the reader has an understanding of NuGet, Chocolatey, and Boxstarter technologies (because why else would you want to build your own if you didn’t know what is was), but just in case, here are … Continue reading

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Bake your own Chocolatey NuGet repository

INTRO: I recently attended SoCal Code Camp to check out talks on some DevOps tools I’ve been looking into adding to my toolkit (Vagrant and either Chef or Ansible). The talk on Chef was in the second hour and looked … Continue reading

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