I’ve slowly been building up a personal module at work that I use in my Jenkins workflows.  One function that I wrote a while ago but didn’t get around to using until yesterday was Invoke-Maven.

        Executes Maven.
        Assumes Maven is correctly setup in the PATH, as well as JAVA_HOME and M2_HOME variables.
    .PARAMETER goal
        Specifies the goals to execute, such as "clean", "install", or "deploy".
    .PARAMETER pomPath
        Path to the POM file. Path is validated with Test-Path.
    .PARAMETER deployPath
        Path for Maven to deploy to. Path is validated with Test-Path.
    .PARAMETER logPath
        Path to write maven log file to. If this parameter is used there is no console output.
        Turn Maven debugging on.

        Invoke-Maven -goal deploy -pomPath "C:\Development\Java\Projects\pom.xml" -deployPath "C:\Development\Builds"
function Invoke-Maven {
        [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
        [ValidateSet('clean', 'install', 'deploy', IgnoreCase = $true)]
        [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]
        [ValidateScript({ Test-Path $_ })]
        [ValidateScript({ Test-Path $_ })]
        [Alias('url', 'deployUrl')]
    If ($PSBoundParameters.ContainsKey('logPath') -eq $true) {
        If ($goal -match "deploy") {
            $cmd = "mvn -B -f $pomPath $goal ""-Ddeployment.DeployURL=$deployPath"" - l $logPath"
        } else {
            $cmd = "mvn -B -f $pomPath $goal -l $logPath"
        If ($X) {
            $cmd = "$cmd -X"
    } else {
        If ($goal -match "deploy") {
            $cmd = "mvn -B -f $pomPath $goal ""-Ddeployment.DeployURL=$deployPath"""
        } else {
            $cmd = "mvn -B -f $pomPath $goal"
        If ($X) {
            $cmd = "$cmd -X"
    Write-Verbose "Invoke-Expression $cmd"
    Invoke-Expression "$cmd"

The only real problem with it is that if you use the logPath parameter, Maven doesn’t display anything to the host console.  What I ended up doing in my Jenkins job that uses this function is calling it with Start-Transcript to get both a log file and the console output.

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