The adventures continue

There has been a lull in posts lately since I’d finished up the scripts that run my inventory system and my work had shifted into a direction of application testing and the ongoing integration work from our company buyout. But then, about three months ago I got one of those emails that you just stare at for a while trying to digest… the CIO emailing you and the VP of Enterprise Architecture simply saying “Can you two discuss the new dev ops role.” … I’m gunna leave out all the sappy stuff about how much this means to me and skip to the important stuff. Adventures in Desktop Engineering is now rebranded as Adventures in DevOps and I’m going to have lots to write about again!

Edit:  Ok, one sappy note.  That email from the CIO?  It showed up in my inbox just a few days before my wife and I welcomed our third child into the world.  I think Jesus was trying to show off for me that week.

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2 Responses to The adventures continue

  1. Billy Loftis says:

    Rich … I stumbled across your Blog Post about Rackspace API Inventory and it was just what I was looking for. I wonder if I can get you to email me the SQL Table Create script for that inventory database? Thanks man … great stuff!

  2. Rich Hopkins says:

    I actually updated that script since posting to include all that. It writes to a #temp table, then at the end drops the main on and writes the temp one in. I’ll go update that post with the latest changes, that should answer your question.

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